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Teachers By Department


Carganilla, George (805) 306-4875 ex.2800 Math Teacher
DelCanto, Tatiana Teacher
Hatton, Kerry (805) 306-4875 ex.2793 Math Teacher
Hemphill, Donald (805) 306-4875 ex.2802 Math Teacher
Lewis, Emily Math Teacher
Marsh, Amanda (805) 306-4875 ex.2805 Math Teacher
McCabe, Lisa (805) 306-4875 ex.2845 Math Teacher
Newbern, Tammy (805) 306-4875 ex.2797 Math Teacher
Sciarillo, Susan (805) 306-4875 ex.2804 Math Teacher
Willging, Bob (805) 306-4875 ex.2792 Math / Physics Teacher


Boian, Mark (805) 306-4875 ex.2877 Science Teacher
Goldman, Zina (805) 306-4875 ex.2886 Anatomy / Biology Teacher
Hixon, Roger (805) 306-4875 ex.2896 Science Teacher
Luce, Ryan (805) 306-4875 ex.2887 Science Teacher
Moffett, Dawn (805) 306-4875 ex.2916 Science Teacher
Platten, Monica Teacher
Rank, Brian (805) 306-4875 ex.2881 Chemistry Teacher
Saldain, Ignacio (805) 306-4875 ex.2879 Science Teacher
Sramek, Megan (805) 306-4875 ex.2875 Chemistry Teacher
Swopes, Brad (805) 306-4875 ex.2888 Biology Teacher
Willging, Bob (805) 306-4875 ex.2792 Math / Physics Teacher

Social Science

Adams, Kevin Teacher
Boerem, Kevin Teacher
Borth, Dean (805) 306-4875 ex.2830 Psychology / History Teacher
Daley, Bret (805) 306-4875 ex.2829 Economics and Government Teacher
Dennert, Brian (805) 306-4875 ex.2821 History Teacher
Downey, John (805) 306-4875 ex.2815 History Teacher
Furlong, Reid (805) 306-4875 ex.2831 U.S.History / Economics Teacher
Hernandez, Daryl (805) 306-4875 ex.2833 History Teacher
Letus, Richard (805) 306-4875 ex.2816 History Teacher


Carrillo, Richard (805) 306-4875 ex.2809 English Teacher
Craig, Joy (805) 306-4875 ex.2767 English Teacher
DeOliviera, Lauren (805) 306-4875 ex.2808 English Teacher
Favreau, Megan (805) 404-2567 Teacher
Fischer, Kristin (805) 306-4875 ex.2801 English Teacher
Flye, Kevin (805) 306-4875 ex.2790 English Teacher
King, Doug (805) 306-4875 ex.2795 English Teacher
Letus, Jennifer (805) 306-4875 ex.2836 English Teacher
Lev, Kari (805) 306-4875 ex.2906 English Teacher / IB coordinator
Malone, Nicole (805) 306-4875 ex.2839 English Teacher
Smither, Jonathan (805) 306-4875 ex.2825 English Teacher
Wade-Karin, Tara (805) 306-4875 English, Theater, and Stagecraft Teacher

Foreign Language

Alonso, Jose (805) 306-4875 ex.2818 Spanish Teacher
Bishop, Niccole Spanish Teacher
Coco, Melissa (805) 306-4875 ex.2820 French Teacher
Fancett, Jessica Spanish Teacher and Leadership Advisor
Jia, Fang Mandarin Chinese Teacher
Katz, Dr. Charles (805) 306-4875 ex.2798 Sign Language Teacher
McKnight, Keely (805) 306-4875 ex.2846 Spanish Teacher
Viramontes, Lourdes Spanish Teacher


Griffin, Craig (805) 306-4875 ex.2858 Health Teacher


Andreolli, Andy (805) 306-4875 ex.2735 Athletic Director
Hardy, Aaron (805) 306-4875 ex.2780 Physical Education Teacher
Hustedt, Mark JROTC Teacher
Lewis, Matt History and Psychology Teacher
Lisle, Jeff JROTC Teacher
Sramek, Jay (805) 306-4875 ex.2780 Physical Education Teacher
Wiksell, Larry (805) 306-4875 ex.2780 Physical Education Teacher

Career/Vocational Ed.

Lev, Adam (805) 306-4875 ex.2897 Webpage Design / Yearbook Advisor
Longo, Rita (805) 306-4875 ex.2884 Work Experience & Career Education / Journalism
Smith, Carrie (805) 306-4875 ex.2880 Foods / Child Development Teacher
Sorenson, David (805) 306-4875 ex.2905 Woodshop Teacher

Visual/Performing Arts

De La Torre, Alicia (805) 306-4875 ex.2853 Video Production Teacher
Maye, Dan (805) 306-4875 ex.2915 Photography Teacher
Pate, Lisa (805) 306-4875 ex.2766 Band Director
Petrocelli, Amy (805) 306-4875 ex.2918 Basic Design / AP Art Teacher

Special Education

Bernstein, Olga (805) 306-4875 ex.2758 Special Education Teacher
Buthman, Teresa Special Education Teacher
Chapple, Erin Special Education Teacher
Geirman, Diane (805) 306-4875 ex.2803 Special Education Teacher
Hendrick, Katie (805) 306-4875 ex.2756 Special Education Teacher
Kilgore, Beth (805) 306-4875 ex.2757 Special Education Teacher
Maisch, Tracy Teacher
Mensinger, Mary (805) 306-4875 ex.2759 Special Education Teacher
Mize, Brennan Special Education Teacher
Palmer, Julie (805) 306-4875 ex.2910 Special Education Teacher
Pratt, Al (805) 306-4875 ex.2827 Special Education Teacher
Rocco, Christina Special Education Teacher
Rounke, Rodney (805) 306-4875 ex.2868 Special Education Teacher
Sherden, Bob (805) 306-4875 ex.2899 Special Education Teacher
Stockton, Allyson Special Education Teacher
Templeton, Penny Special Education Teacher
Thompson, Regan Special Education Teacher
Tracy, Jennifer (805) 306-4875 ex.2794 Special Education Teacher