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Girls Tennis Calendar


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Girls Tennis Home

2018 Season Schedule

There is a file of the schedule in the "Locker" on the left column of this webpage.  Note the League Finals at the bottom of the schedule should be Oct 23-24 NOT the 17th and 18th.

Girls Tennis 2013 067.jpg Girls Tennis 2013 018.jpg 2014 IMG_6295.JPG IMG_6332.JPG IMG_6470.JPG IMG_6592.JPG IMG_7978.JPG IMG_7958.JPG IMG_8061.JPG IMG_8091.JPG IMG_8112.JPG IMG_8113.JPG IMG_8118.JPG IMG_8348.JPG IMG_8282.JPG IMG_8398.JPG IMG_8401.JPG IMG_8403.JPG IMG_8717.JPG IMG_8719.JPG IMG_8785.JPG IMG_8112.JPG IMG_7958.JPG IMG_8118.JPG IMG_8398.JPG IMG_8401.JPG IMG_8403.JPG eZLsCmKi4zXj8k.jpg IMG_9141.jpg DSC_8113 (Copy).jpg IMG_9424.jpg girls tennis 1.jpg IMG_9837.jpg IMG_9770.jpg girls tennis 3.jpg girls tennis 4.jpg gt6.jpg gt7.jpg girls tennis 5.jpg gt8.jpg gt11.jpg gt10.jpg gt12.jpg

2018 Season at a Glance

Sept 17: Royal 0 - Camarillo 18. We got outplayed on all courts today and were dominated. JV gave us some redemption by winning 3 of 4 sets to run their record to 4-0.

Sept 13: Royal 14 - LaReina 4. Solid play all around today with all doubles sweeping their sets. JV also won 5 sets.

Sept 11: Royal 9 (65) - Ventura (67). Tough loss in games today. Singles won 1 set and doubles took 8 of 9 sets, but we just did not get enough games to pull out the close match.

Sept 6: Royal 9 (68) - Rio Mesa (70). Rio Mesa has some revenge in their play today especially their #1 doubles team. We narrowly lost like we narrowly beat them a few weeks ago.

Sept 4: Royal 15 - Pacifica 3. All Varsity starters won their sets, last round we had 5 JV players playing and Nicolette Surabian played a great singles set and beat her opponent 6-2. Great job to all.

Aug 30: Royal 13 - Sierra Canyon 5. This was our first time playing Sierra Canyon and unfortunately they only brought 7 girls and had to forfeit 3 doubles sets. They had a couple of good singles players where we lost 5 of 9 sets, but doubles we dominated 6-0 in the sets we played.

Aug 28: Royal 18 - Pacifica 0. Traveled out to Oxnard and played Pacifica today and I was most impressed with my #2 and #3 singes players who battled and were even down in sets to sweep all three sets. Good job Maggie Steele and Claire Downey. J.V. won all 6 of their sets today as well.

Aug 23: Royal 15 - Thousand Oaks 3. Today singles won 7 of 9 sets and doubles took 8 of 9 sets. Paula Andrade played really well sweeping her three sets 1-0-0. Solid doubles play from Amanda and Lauren and Clara and Bayley. J.V. got an opportunity to play and won all 6 sets that they played.

Aug 22: Royal 14 - Golden Valley 4. Golden Valley came strong with their #1 player, but we were stronger everywhere else. Clara Hixon and Bayley Parkinson swept their three sets today.

Aug 21: Royal 9 (68) - Rio Mesa 9 (67). Our first match of the season was a nail biter, we won 3 of 9 singles sets and 6 of 9 doubles sets. Every game won counted and proved to be the difference. The deciding factor was Brianna Villafana and Sarah Barnes subbing in the third round against their #1 doubles team and winning 5 games before dropping the set 5-7. Had they lost 2-6 or worse we would have lost the match!

2017 Season at a Glance

October 19 vs. Camarillo: Royal 1 - Camarillo 17.  A tough way to finish the season, but we battled on several courts.  Paula won the lone varsity set.  Varsity finished the season 10-6 overall.  J.V. won one set (Sarah and Daisy) and won two sets by default giving us the win 3-2.  J.V. finished with an overall 9-3 record.


October 17 vs. Moorpark: Royal 18 - Moorpark 0.  Moorpark came in today missing their #1 player and they seemed to have no energy.  The top two JV teams played the last round of varsity doubles and came out on top.  JV won all sets today as well.  


October 12 @ Oak Park: Royal 2 - Oak Park 16.  Another tough league match.  Paula and Amanda/Lauren were the only 2 sets winners.  The amazing highlight of the day was that Amanda and Lauren played 3 sets 7-5, 6-7, 6-7 a total of 38 games and over 3 hours of play!  They really played tough today.  JV was able to capture a victory though winning 3-2!  


October 10 @ Buena:  Royal 16 - Buena 2.  Non league match and we dropped two double sets.  We had three JV teams come in the last round of doubles and Claire and Natalie and Kelly and Nicolette won their sets 6-3, 7-5!!  Singles did great and we had Maggie, Alexis and Brianna play singles sets and they all won!!


October 5 vs. Simi:  Royal 6 - Simi 12.  All six sets won were in the singles.  Paula, Grace and Athena all won 2 sets each.  Doubles was again over matched by our cross town rivals.  JV had a chance to win up until the very end but we dropped the final set in tie break.  Good wins again for Sarah and Daisy and Nikki and Bella.


October 3 @ Camarillo: Royal 2 - Camarillo 16.  We got two lone wins in singles, Paula and Grace each beat Camarillo's #3 player.  Tough opponent.  J.V. won 1 of 3 sets, but Camarillo defaulted 2 sets so we won the match 3-2. A nice win by Sarah and Daisy.


Sept 28 @ Moorpark: Royal 17 - Moorpark 1.  Good day all around with some impressive wins by every starter.  Singles only dropped a total of 6 games (in 7 sets) and doubles starters only dropped a combined 11 games in 8 sets.  J.V. also won 5-0.


Sept 26 vs. Oak Park:  Royal 3 - Oak Park 15.  We knew this was going to be a tough match today and again Paula won 2 of 3 sets and Lauren and Amanda won a set.  Clara and Bayley played well and dropped 2 sets 4-6, 4-6.  Our record dropped to 7-2 overall.  JV also lost 1-4 with Bri and Alexis winning the only set 8-5.


Sept 20 vs. Rio Mesa: Royal 14 - Rio Mesa 4.  A great day all around for both singles and doubles.  Coach challenged the girls to win 12 or 13 sets and they pulled of 14!  Paula, Grace and Athena all won 2 sets each and doubles won 8 of 9 sets!  Lauren and Amanda ran their set record to 18-3 on the season.  No JV today.


Sept 19 @ Simi: Royal 4 - Simi 14.  A very experienced and senior-laden team really gave it to us today.  Our four sets were won by Paula and Grace, we competed but were just out played.  J.V. also dropped 4 of 5 sets.  The lone bright spot was Daisy and Sarah's victory. 


Sept 13 @ Agoura:  Royal 12 - Agoura 6.  Great job by our singles today winning 8 of 9 sets.  Paula and Grace dropped only three games in their 6 sets combined!  Laura and Amanda remain unbeaten as well!  J.V. also won 3 of 5 courts.


Sept 12 vs. Pacifica:  Royal 13- Pacifica 5.  So even though Pacifica played better today we pulled off the close sets today and improved our set win total from last week!  #1 Doubles team of Freshman Lauren and Amanda have yet to lose a set and are 13-0 on the season.  Paula again swept her three sets to run her season set record to 11-1.  


Sept 11 vs. Thousand Oaks: Royal 11 - T.O. 7.  Some miscommunication gave us a surprise as we showed up for practice on Monday to find T.O. there waiting for a match.  We played without #1 player Paula and we were still able to beat the Lancers 11-7 as we won all 9 doubles sets!  


Sept 5 @ Golden Valley: Royal 16 - Golden Valley 2.  Singles players Paula and Grace swept all three sets today along with doubles team Clara  and Bayley.  Amanda Florian won all three of her doubles sets as well!  J.V. won 4-1 as well.


Aug 31 @ Pacifica: Royal 12 - Pacifica 6.  #1 Singles player Paula Andrade swept her three sets 6-2, 6-0, 6-1 today in impressive fashion.  Doubles player Lauren Rodriguez along with her partners swept her three sets 6-2, 7-5, 6-3.  Singles player Grace Weichers won two of three sets along with doubles team of Clara Hixon and Bayley Parkinson.  J.V. also won all 5 of their sets.


Aug 29 @ Rio Mesa: Royal 10 - Rio Mesa 8.  Steady play by freshmen Lauren Rodriguez and Amanda Florian who swept their three sets 6-4, 6-2, 6-0.  Paula Andrade our number 1 singles player won two of three sets as did doubles player Bayley Parkinson. 




2016 Season at a glance

August 30 @ Rio Mesa matched up with the Spartans and we came out victorious with a 10-8 victory.  We had three JV doubles teams sub in the third round and Mel and Bri Z. and Clara and Sam won crucial sets along with senior captain Ariane winning 2 sets. 3 JV sets were also played and we swept all three courts. 

Sept 1 vs. Pacifica for our first home match we faced a team that we split wins with last year.  Singles won 6 of 9 sets and our doubles teams took 5 of 9 sets for a 11 - 7 victory.  Good start of 2-0!

Sept 6 vs. Golden Valley.  We had some really long double sets today, but we were only able to take 3 of the 9 double sets, however singles won 6 sets with Ariane winning her 3 sets very decisively.  Athena Krier played the second half of her last set with an injury but still managed a victory.  Our set score was tied 9 - 9 so we had to count games and we narrowly escaped with a victory with an 82-79 edge in games.  Off to a 3-0 start.  J.V. did not fare as well losing 4-1.  The lone bright spot was Siena and Reagan winning 6-0.  J.V. 1-1

Sept 8 @ Pacifica we had another tight match but won the last two double sets in tiebreak to win the match 11-7.  J.V. trounced to a 8-0 win.  J.V. 2-1

Sept 14 home vs. Buena.  Our first 18 - 0 varsity victory!  We had JV players on 5 of 6 courts in the last round of varsity as well.  5-0 start! Buena did not have a JV team so the courts that our JV played on counts towards a J.V. win.  3-1 record.

Sept 22 @ Oak Park.  First league match and we suffered our first defeat of the season dropping the match 7 - 11.  Mary and Ariane played well and won 4 of the sets.  J.V. played tough and had to play a couple of players that dropped down from varsity matches to play J.V. (3-2)

Sept 27 home vs. Moorpark.  Varsity rebounded nicely off of the tough loss at Oak Park disposing of the Muskateers 14 - 4, however, J.V. dropped their match 1 -4. (3-3)

Sept 29 home vs. Camarillo.  Varsity got pounded 2 -16 to the Scorpions of Camarillo, JV however won 3-2. (4-3)

Oct 4 @ Simi.  Another tough match for the varsity team losing 2-16 to our cross town rivals, yet the JV finished on a positive note winning 4 - 1. (5-3)

October 10 vs. Oak Park; Today Oak Park was nearly at full strength at gave us a hard time with Varsity losing 3-15 with our singles sweeping their #3 singles player.  J.V. notched another win with key wins from both Reagan and SIena and Clara and Sam. (6-3)

Oct 12 vs. Rio Mesa.  Today we matched up with Rio Mesa again and this time we ended up in a tie 9-9 and lost in games 66 to 74.  No JV today.

Oct 13 @ Moorpark.  Today was a much tougher match against Moorpark as their doubles teams played really well and we only managed 2 set wins in doubles thanks to Maggie and Bri Z.  Singles (Ariane, Athena and Mary) however carried the load today winning 8 of 9 sets to help lead us to victory 10-8.  Mary's clutch win over their talented #1 player was the pivotal set.  JV also won 4-1 to run their overall record to 7-3.

Oct 18 @ Camarillo.  The mighty Scorps handed it to us today 0-18!  They beat us in every aspect and showed why they are in first place in league.  However, JV won all 3 sets that were played sweeping Camarillo and now are 5-2 in league and 8-3 overall.  A nice come from behind victory for Bayley and Mel.

Oct 20 vs. Simi.  The Pioneers were too strong for us and we lost 5 -13.  The Varsity team finished the season with a 7-7 record.  J.V. won the match 4-1 and finished their season at 9-3 and 6-2 in league which made them League CHAMPS!

Coaching Staff

IMG 8719.JPG

Head Coach: Roger Hixon (pictured with daughter Emily)

Assistant Coach: Aoko Carpenter

Assistant Coach: Ed Florian